Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest

Environmental Tree Solutions

Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest is a full service logging company & will select harvest mature trees on your property.  The choice sections of these trees are then sold to local mills and turned into building materials. The remaining wood is taken to the Ironwood Acres yard and milled into ties or framing materials, cut into fire wood or used in other applications. The remaining sawdust is sold for animal bedding. We strive to utilize every part of the trees we harvest. Firewood and wood products are available for pick up or delivery within the greater Williamsport PA area.


At Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest we strive to maximize landowner profits per acre while minimizing the environmental impact to the property.  Ironwood generally exceeds landowner expectations on both fronts. We utilize the entire tree, care for timber left standing, as well as the surrounding landscape and wildlife during harvest and post-harvest.  In this, Ironwood is unique to the industry.

Wood Products
Ironwood Acres Wood Products mills untreated railroad ties, hemlock lumber, framing lumber, artisan slabs, and more. We custom mill to meet your needs.  We also specialize in firewood, BBQ smoke wood & hardwood charcoal.

About Us
Ken Breon owns and operates Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest and Wood Products. He is driven by his ethics and respect for others to provide the best possible service today, while planning for future generations.

Fiscally, socially and environmentally conscious, Ken makes his best effort to:

  • Utilize every part of the trees harvested
  • Maximize landowner profits per acre
  • Minimize the environmental impact on the property

Ken’s awareness of his environmental influence is comprehensive, and includes not only standing trees, surrounding landscape and wildlife, but also the impact both during harvest and post-harvest.  Read about Ironwood Acres in the Williamsport Sun Gazette.

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