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At Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest we are often asked questions about what firewood is best in wood stoves, how much wood is in a cord, how much will you pay to timber my property and many more. Here at our FAQ page we attempt to answer these and other questions commonly asked to help you make your decisions. These are the most common questions we hear. We are certain that there will be new questions and will add them as they come up. If you don’t see a question you have feel free to contact us.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes, Ironwood Acres delivers split cord wood and lumber within the Greater Williamsport Area. (Including but not limited to: Avis, Balls Mills, Cogan Station, Gardenview, Hughesville, Huntersville, Jersey Shore, Linden, Loyalsock, Montoursville, Muncy, Pensdale, Ralston, Trout Run). On products such as lumber and split wood a minimum may be required. Call for up to date information.

Q: What types of wood are in your hardwood?

A: Our hardwood firewood can include Oak, Maple, Ash, Locust, Hickory, Walnut, etc. On our firewood list you’ll notice listings for Seasoned Hardwood Cord, Seasoned 100% Oak cord, and Locust #1 BTU cord. The Seasoned Hardwood Cord is a mix of hardwoods, all hardwood. The Seasoned 100% Oak cord, and Locust #1 BTU cord are exactly that, all Oak or all Locust.

Q: Why is your Stove wood cord more expensive than your hardwood cord?

A: The Stove wood is 12” length hardwood. The general hardwood cord, as well as the all Oak cord and all locust cord, are 16″ length. It’s a simple matter of expense, each cord is the same amount of wood but it takes longer, more cuts, more labor, fuel, etc., to produce a cord of stove wood than it does a cord of hardwood.

Q: What is the best wood to burn in my wood stove?

A: Hardwoods are considered the best wood to burn in a wood stove or fireplace. Locust is considered the most efficient giving the highest BTU. Ash can be burned green with little loss in heating efficiency. Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Poplar are all hardwood and efficient to burn in a wood stove or fireplace.

Q: I have trees in my yard that I would like to have removed, do you do that?

A: Ironwood Acres does not do residential tree removal. If you have 20+ acres of timber to harvest we would be happy to speak with you and estimate the value of your timber.

Q: Do you sell pole wood?

A:  We do not sell pole wood.  We deliver home heating firewood by the cord & have it available for customer pick up.

Q: What is different about your charcoal?

A:  Our charcoal comes from locally timbered wood, is processed and packaged locally creating a smaller footprint and impact on the environment. In addition our charcoal is made from hardwoods and burns longer and hotter than the typical charcoal available in stores.

Q: What smoke wood do you have and what is the best?

A:  Smoke wood availability is determined by the species being harvested at our timbering site and demand. We generally have a supply of Hickory, Cherry, Oak, Maple and Sassafras. Which is the best is determined by personal preference and meats being smoked. We enjoy Hickory and Sassafras for general grilling.

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