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Fire Wood

Ironwood Acres Wood Products stocks hard woods in various sizes and lengths; split cord wood, stove wood, campfire wood, hickory and other woods for smoking, and ‘bout any other kind of wood for burning imaginable. If you need a firewood length/type and we don’t already have it we’ll most likely start cutting it. Firewood delivery is available within the greater Williamsport area. Call us for firewood availability, delivery and potential price changes. 570-651-3442.

Firewood & Specialty Wood Products

  • Seasoned hardwood cord
  • Green hardwood cord
  • Seasoned 100% Oak cord
  • 8 ft. pick-up bed (NOT stacked)
  • 6 ft. pick-up bed (NOT stacked)
  • Campfire wood stack
  • Lump charcoal  (25lb box)
  • Smoke wood chunks (25lb box)
  • Smoke wood bricks (25lb box)
  • Sawdust (Call for price and availability)


$ 195

$ 185

$ 235

$ 105

$   80

$   25


$   25

$   25

$   30

Live Edge Hardwood Slabs & Other Wood Products

In addition to firewood and wood products for outdoor cooking Ironwood Acres also mills specialty wood products for carpentry and artistic woodworking. We routinely have in stock hardwood lumber; Cherry, Oak, Walnut, etc. and hardwood live edge slabs in a variety of sizes. We have also supplied softwood trunks for building purposes (see the Bull & Barrel) milled large beams & timbers and regularly stock untreated hardwood ties.

If you need need wood for any project give us a call, we may have what you need on the yard or can mill it to your specs.

Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest, supplying Pa with hardwood firewood, lumber, lump charcoal and other wood products
Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest, supplying Pa with hardwood firewood, rough cut lumber, timbers, beams and other wood products
Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest specialty lumber used at the Bull & Barrel
Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest has hardwood slabs in stock

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