Give your griller some lump for Christmas…hardwood lump charcoal that is.

There’s nothing better to grill with than charcoal and hardwood charcoal is the best. At Ironwood Acres we craft our own hardwood lump charcoal using woods that not only burn hotter, longer and more consistent than that pressed pine pulp you get in a bag but it ads natural flavor as well. We’re talking about Cherry, Hickory, Sassafras, Oak flavor!

There’s no chemicals or toxic starter infused into our hardwood lumps, NO SIR! Our lumps are hand crafted from local trees we cut ourselves. And each crate, yes, CRATE, is hand made constructed to match your lumps. If you want Cherry lumps you get your lumps in a hand made Cherry crate, Sassafras lumps….Sassafras crate.

Why a crate? because we think it’s cool! It also protects the lumps from being banged around and crumbling. You know what we’re talkin’ about, that coal dust in the bottom of the bag you toss out. THAT’S WASTE! We don’t like waste.

Get your griller some lump for Christmas…..25lb. boxes for $25.

Species and quantities change due to demand, feel free to call and ask what’s available 570-651-3442 or shoot us an email


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Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest hardwood lump charcoal