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The Log

Rough Cut Lumber

Spring and nice weather is right around the corner. These last few weeks of cold is time to look around and start planning projects. When one of those projects involves lumber check us out. Our rough cut Pine and Hemlock lumber is often as much as 50% less expensive...

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It’s COLD! Make Sure Your Wood Supply is in Order

Winter is upon us and the cold keeps coming. This winter is not like last winter where we were wearing shorts in parts of January. It's COLD! Lower temps mean more heat in our homes to keep the family warm. While many had a reserve of wood last spring that's sure to...

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Give Your Griller Some Lump for Christmas

Give your griller some lump for Christmas...hardwood lump charcoal that is. There's nothing better to grill with than charcoal and hardwood charcoal is the best. At Ironwood Acres we craft our own hardwood lump charcoal using woods that not only burn hotter, longer...

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New Website

We are in the process of building a new web site. Most of the information is up-to-date but more is coming. Feel free to contact us if you don't see what you need. Contact Ironwood Acres Phone: 570-651-3442 email: Address: 8123...

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