Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest Wood Products


Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest will select harvest mature trees on your property.  The choice sections of these trees are then sold to local mills and turned into building materials. The remaining wood is taken to the Ironwood Acres yard and milled into ties or framing materials, cut into fire wood for home heating, or use in other applications. At Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest we strive to maximize landowner profits per acre while minimizing the environmental impact on the property, generally exceeding expectations on both fronts. For information about timbering your land call us at 570-651-3442.

Timber Harvest

Our unique approach allows for:

  • Maximum landowner profit per acre
  • Awareness of environmental impact
  • Use of entire tree
  • Care of residual timber tract
  • More attractive post-harvest land
  • Accelerated forest regeneration
  • Select harvesting practices
  • Road & bridge building
Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest timbering
Ironwood Acres Timber Harvest milling what we harvest

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